What Local Historic District DOES NOT do: · Does not regulate paint colors · Does not require repairs or renovations to be made · Does not increase taxes beyond normal increases for the City or County · Does not prevent additions · Does not prevent non-contributing homes from being demolished · Does not require use of historic materials or historic building methods · Does not require that you open you home to the public · Does not restrict routine maintenance of properties
What Local Historic District DOES do: · Recognizes that Oakhurst has a distinctive historic character important to the overall character of the City of Decatur · Encourages creative and compatible development with historic areas · Requires that a Certificate of Appropriateness be obtained for exterior changes to contributing properties, demolition of buildings, and new construction. · Applies only to major renovations to the exterior of your home. Interior renovations are not restricted.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I heard that historic districts result in property tax benefits. Can you please address this?

There are only tax benefits if you are on the National Register. All of Oakhurst is eligible for the National register. This was presented to Oakhurst last year and it was declined.


Phyllis said...

Would you please clarify your assertion "all of Oakhurst is eligible for the National Register"? Was a nomination submitted to the Nat'l Register for "all of Oakhurst"? If so, can you provide specific information about it?

Facilitator said...

This comment has been posted as a new question and has a response within the blog. Please see earlier post.