What Local Historic District DOES NOT do: · Does not regulate paint colors · Does not require repairs or renovations to be made · Does not increase taxes beyond normal increases for the City or County · Does not prevent additions · Does not prevent non-contributing homes from being demolished · Does not require use of historic materials or historic building methods · Does not require that you open you home to the public · Does not restrict routine maintenance of properties
What Local Historic District DOES do: · Recognizes that Oakhurst has a distinctive historic character important to the overall character of the City of Decatur · Encourages creative and compatible development with historic areas · Requires that a Certificate of Appropriateness be obtained for exterior changes to contributing properties, demolition of buildings, and new construction. · Applies only to major renovations to the exterior of your home. Interior renovations are not restricted.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I hope that the following statement is just an artifact from the

I hope that the following statement is just an artifact from the template and not something y'all added (from "Trees and Lawns"): "Grasslawns in the front yards are of importance"

This was taken from a description of the Old Decatur historic district, specifically Sycamore Street, where front lawns are prominent and does not necessarily apply to the proposed district.

In the current historic districts, guidelines address removal of trees greater than 12 inches in diameter and do not address other landscaping issues. Trees do not have to be addressed.


Amanda said...

I agree - I am concerned with the importance being placed on grass lawns. Grass is a water hog and environmentally far less friendly than cottage style gardens and paths, especially when they are done with native species.

Anonymous said...

What is the tree ordinance in Decatur? Please post.