What Local Historic District DOES NOT do: · Does not regulate paint colors · Does not require repairs or renovations to be made · Does not increase taxes beyond normal increases for the City or County · Does not prevent additions · Does not prevent non-contributing homes from being demolished · Does not require use of historic materials or historic building methods · Does not require that you open you home to the public · Does not restrict routine maintenance of properties
What Local Historic District DOES do: · Recognizes that Oakhurst has a distinctive historic character important to the overall character of the City of Decatur · Encourages creative and compatible development with historic areas · Requires that a Certificate of Appropriateness be obtained for exterior changes to contributing properties, demolition of buildings, and new construction. · Applies only to major renovations to the exterior of your home. Interior renovations are not restricted.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

What can be done under current zoning laws to ensure quality construction?

Current land costs are so high it's anticipated that developers will lower renovation and new construction standards to retain profits for their new projects in Oakhurst. The lower quality construction may negatively impact the value of our homes. What can be done under current zoning laws to ensure quality construction and therefore protect my investment?

Zoning is the way the governments control the physical development of land and the kinds of uses to which each individual property may be put. Zoning laws typically specify the areas in which residential, industrial, recreational or commercial activities may take place. For example, an R-1 residential zone might allow only single-family detached homes as opposed to duplexes or apartment complexes. On the other hand, a C-1 commercial zone might be zoned to permit only certain commercial or industrial uses in one jurisdiction, but permit a mix of housing and businesses in another jurisdiction. Zoning can regulate height and floor area ratio, but the character of a place or home can not be regulated by zoning. Similarly, quality can not be regulated through zoning laws other than life safety and engineering standards. Local historic district overlay ensures quality construction that is in keeping with the local character of a neighborhood to protect a communities historic value and economic value.


EAR said...

The American Dream...

We Americans are an independent culture. We want to own our own property with our dog, the 2.5 kids, and a giant flat screen TV. We are typically more concerned about the things in our "crib" than the "crib" it's self. Have you ever watched MTV's Cribs? It's about the stuff and not the house. I have yet to see any of these stars in a beautifully designed house. Our society has become so materialistic and self centered that we tend to focus only on the surface and not the substance. Young teenage girls are getting boob jobs with parental permission, people are shooting botox like a junkie, and we're so lazy we need to diet with a pill rather than eating right and exercising. In this age of "reality entertainment" and instant baked stars, it is clear that creative integrity is no longer prized in this country. We are now seeing the effects of removing art and music from the education system along with an MTV/Playstation induced ADD.

People in this culture simply don't value good design because it is not a surface or material, rather it's a concept. No one wants to spend several thousand dollars on a good design, that eats into the tile budget. The bank doesn't consider design fees when valuing new/renovated construction. The Architecture is an added expense like gold leaf. It doesn't provide appraisal value, but it adds expense for the owner. Most people won't think twice about buying a stock plan off the shelf or using a plan that the contractor repeats 1500 times. THIS IS THE PROBLEM PEOPLE!!! How can an off the shelf design fit into a particular setting, like Oakhurst. Residential American Architecture has become generic!!! The community can pressure builders to do better. Consider renovating! Higher an experienced Architect or Residential Designer and do a great job with your design first, then build it well! In this financial climate where lending is going to get tougher before better, many builders are sitting on inventory. They are always watching competition and copying each other in order to catch the next trend early. STOP USING STOCK HOUSE PLANS!!! STOP BUYING HOUSES MADE FROM STOCK PLANS!!! SET AN EXAMPLE ON YOUR STREET!!!IT'S ABOUT THE DESIGN, NOT THE STUFF!!!