What Local Historic District DOES NOT do: · Does not regulate paint colors · Does not require repairs or renovations to be made · Does not increase taxes beyond normal increases for the City or County · Does not prevent additions · Does not prevent non-contributing homes from being demolished · Does not require use of historic materials or historic building methods · Does not require that you open you home to the public · Does not restrict routine maintenance of properties
What Local Historic District DOES do: · Recognizes that Oakhurst has a distinctive historic character important to the overall character of the City of Decatur · Encourages creative and compatible development with historic areas · Requires that a Certificate of Appropriateness be obtained for exterior changes to contributing properties, demolition of buildings, and new construction. · Applies only to major renovations to the exterior of your home. Interior renovations are not restricted.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Notes from the work session for the Planning Commission

The infill task force, which was formed 11/2005, submitted reports to the City Commissioners. In August 2007, (yes nearly 2 years later) the Planning Commission worked on what would be submitted to the City Commission. Here are some notes regarding that meeting:

Zoning ordinances are a challenge because it applies to the entire city, which includes neighborhoods that are vastly different from each other in character. That is why the minority report used a contextual based approach, so that scale relates to the surrounding buildings. But the difficulties in applying that approach is that it’s a lot of work for the city to administer, it’s extra work for the property owner to get height surveys of the surrounding properties and residents feel that they have the right to have a two-story house.

It was made clear in the planning commission meeting that the majority report recommendations would have allowed even taller homes (up to 42 feet was the City's estimation). They also tested the minority report recommendation by using an existing (anonymous) street in Oakhurst to see what could be built. The resulting house could be 29 feet tall.